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JSL attended the 50th Korea Electronics Show 2019

JSL attended the 50th Korea Electronics Show 2019

The 50th Korea International Electronic Exhibition was successfully concluded.
The exhibition gathers the leading brands in the electronics and electronic products industry in the world.
Leading the trend of the industry.
October 8-11th, after four days of unremitting efforts,
The exhibition came to a successful end, and began in the middle of the crowd.
It ended in a stream of people.
JSL, as one of the exhibitors, has received numerous customers' visits and consultations in a short 4-day exhibition period, and its products have appeared in the exhibition for many times, which is popular every time.
And Korea's electronic industry is developing rapidly. At present, it is vigorously developing knowledge-based and high value-added industries such as information and communication, biology and new materials, new energy, etc.
There is a certain degree of complementarity between the economies of China and South Korea, not only the relationship between supply and demand of commodities, but also the possibility of technical cooperation. No matter from the regional advantages, cost performance, similar products and technologies, the trade between the two countries is the best choice.
Our company's partners in Korea jointly participated in the exhibition. Our company displayed a series of cooling fans. Our Korean partners showed the most commonly used air purifier for Korean families, which used fans produced by our company.
Cooling fan products displayed by our company
Have a good talk with customers
Exhibition scene
Speech by the current Prime Minister of South Korea
Thanks to all the friends who visited the booth.
Your support will strengthen our drive forward.
Thank you again for your attention and company.
Looking forward to the next exhibition, we will be together!
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