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Congratulations to JSL for obtaining IATF16949 certification
In December 2020, Shenzhen Jiangshanlai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. successfully obtained IATF 16949 certification, which marks that we have been recognized by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and the international automotive working group (IATF). It also urges jiangshanlai to continue to use the organizational environment, leadership, support and technology to improve product quality.
JSL attended ELEXCON exhibition 2020
The domestic epidemic situation is clear, and the manufacturing industry is gradually returning to its former vitality. As the largest procurement channel, offline exhibitions have come one after another. On September 9, with the expectation of tens of thousands of electronic workers, Shenzhen International Electronic Exhibition finally opened!
JSL attended the Shenzhen International Electronics Fair 2019
Introduction of Shenzhen International Electronics Fair Shenzhen International Electronics Fair (ELEXCON) has been successfully held for 27 sessions so far. It is one of the weathervanes of the Chine
JSL wishes you Happy Chinese Valentine's day!
Tanabata every year, now and again. Magpie bridge cross frame, Acacia like rain. The moon is like training, and it will remain unchanged for thousands of years. Stars, love. JSL wishes you Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!
Cooling Fan Expert JSL wishes you Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
A greeting as light as water is light A blessing as common as paper is very true Pick a fragrant rice dumpling leaf Wrap a sweet zongzi Put it in the message of truth For you and your family Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!
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