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JSL attened the Alibaba training
From May 18 to May 21, Alibaba international station opened a 2020 special training course for foreign trade elites in the R & D building of Yanxiang Zhigu, West Guangming high tech Road, Shenzhen, attended by the representatives of our foreign trade department.
JSL attended the Shenzhen International Electronics Fair 2019
Introduction of Shenzhen International Electronics Fair Shenzhen International Electronics Fair (ELEXCON) has been successfully held for 27 sessions so far. It is one of the weathervanes of the Chine
JSL successfully participated in India Consumer Electronics and Home appliances Exhibition
On November 14, 2019, the 17th China Commodity (Mumbai, India) exhibition, India International smart home and home appliances exhibition and CEI India International Consumer Electronics and home appli
Cooling fan expert JSL wishs you Happy Fathers' Day!
There is a kind of love without saying a word, but it can not be separated, that is the boundless father love; there is a love that is silent, but does not change, that is the family forever; there is a person who is not partial or partial, but can not be seen, that is the father's face.
JSL wishes you Happy Mother's Day!
Write a warm poem Sing a moving song Draw a fresh picture To the great mother Happy mother's Day!
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