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How to deal with DC fan failure?

How to deal with DC fan failure?

DC fans are very common in our daily life. For example, laptops and computer mainframes all need cooling fans. However, when DC fans are used, there will definitely be some faults. Then there is a problem with the DC cooling fan. When should we solve it?
1. The sudden use of the DC fan in the room is particularly loud, sometimes even louder than the sound of the chassis power supply.
Solution: This is often the case that the fan's lubricant is dry, or the fan is too dusty. We only need to separate the radiator and the fan, clean the fan, dry it, and put a little oil on it.
2. The fan moves its position during the use.
Solution: This situation is definitely a fixed fan's buckle is broken, just change one.
3. When the fan rotates, a “beep” impact sound appears.
Solution: This is caused by the fan hitting the data line. It is necessary to bundle the scattered data lines with rubber bands or the like.
The above mentioned is the solution to the failure of the DC cooling fan. Of course, the above mentioned are all easy to encounter, and it is also a problem that we can solve ourselves.
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