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How to choose a DC fan

How to choose a DC fan

When you choose a DC fan, do you have any problems with how to choose? Today, teach you how to choose a beautiful and suitable DC fan.
In fact, there are six principles for selecting a DC fan:
First, choose the target that can achieve the smallest size. Choose the smallest size cooling fan based on the environmental requirements of our site.
Second, choose the goal that will achieve the least power consumption. Energy saving is a big goal for us to choose a cooling fan.
Third, choose the goal that can achieve the least noise. The height of the noise is always a standard for the quality of the fan. So this aspect should be carefully chosen.
Fourth, choose the target that can achieve the maximum air volume. We have to look at whether the maximum air volume value is what we expect.
Fifth, choose the goal of the longest service life. Being able to work long hours is our necessary choice.
Sixth, choose the lowest cost target. This is a very real problem.
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