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JSL successfully participated in India Consumer Electronics and Home appliances Exhibition

JSL successfully participated in India Consumer Electronics and Home appliances Exhibition

On November 14, 2019, the 17th China Commodity (Mumbai, India) exhibition, India International smart home and home appliances exhibition and CEI India International Consumer Electronics and home appliances exhibition were held in hall 4, Bombay International Convention and Exhibition Center, India.

India consumer electronics and home appliances exhibition officially opened,
Buyers from all over India are pouring in,
The flow of people at the exhibition shows the strong demand for electronic products in India.
Our foreign trade department is the first time to participate in the exhibition held in India, hoping to take this opportunity to explore the Indian market, and also hope that more of our products will be displayed to overseas customers through the exhibition, and the products will be sold to the world. Here are the wonderful moments on site!
Just started,
Our booth welcomes visitors from home and abroad for consultation and greetings.
The scene is bustling with people
Exhibitors and exhibitors from all over the world gather here!
We treat every visitor with 200% enthusiasm;
JSL has displayed a series of samples of DC fans, blowers and booster cooling fans. It is the first time for our company to explore the Indian market, and the booth is in the main channel position, attracting many professional buyers to come for consultation;
The on-site staff warmly answered the customer's inquiries. Many customers expressed strong interest in our products. Some of them will continue to visit our booth the next day for a detailed chat.
Exhibition scene
We looking forward to meeting you next year!
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