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Noise Processing Method of Computer Power Cooling Fan

Noise Processing Method of Computer Power Cooling Fan

   The noise treatment methods of the cooling fan of the computer power supply are as follows:
First, clean up the dust.
1. We need you to take off the power supply (just remove the four screws connected to the power supply box behind the main engine, you can take out the power supply box), and prepare brushes, air pumps or blowers of medium hardness. In order to prevent the static electricity on our hands from damaging the power supply, it is recommended to hold large metal objects such as metal railings once.
2. We need to comb the dust with a hair dryer in one hand and a brush in the other. We recommend that you wear a mask. There will be more dust. If the fan leaves can be removed, it is better to clean them with clean water.
Host cleaning is not just power fans, processors and graphics card fans need cleaning more.
Second, oil the fan. Fan without lubricating oil or lubricating oil is very sticky, the same will cause a great impact on the fan, thus producing a great sound.
Refueling is very effective for eliminating the noise of the fan. Remove the fan and stick a sticky disc in the center of the fan on the side of the radiator. If you lift the disc, you can see the fan shaft. If it's cleaner, it's enough to drop a drop of light lubricant directly. If dirty is found, the rotor needs to be removed and cleaned. It can be found that there is a baffle at the end of the shaft. If the baffle is carefully removed, the rotor can be removed and cleaned. Cleaning can be done with gasoline or anhydrous alcohol. After wiping, wait for the thorough drying, then refuel and reset the rotor. Finally, stick on the dry film, you can install the heat sink.
Some fans can tear off the label on the fan to refuel, but some fans can not, can only remove the blades, take out the bearings to refuel. Oil with liquid, such as sewing machine oil; other, such as butter, etc., can sometimes be mixed, conditionally buy a better oil to use.
Third, sometimes when the power screw is not tightened, it will produce resonance, resulting in slight noise. It is recommended to check that the power supply is installed stably and properly.
Finally, let's not forget to clean the dust on the dust-proof net of the power supply housing and chassis. Like the cleaning fan, the dust-proof net can be removed and cleaned best by using air pump and brush while blowing.