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Why does the cooling fan fail?

Why does the cooling fan fail?

With the needs of machinery and equipment, the cooling fan is applied in many fields. Generally, the normal exhaust heat of the fan can ensure the operation of the machine. Otherwise, various faults will occur, such as the machine equipment stops working, so we need to reduce the occurrence of the fault. Understand the cause of the fault and deal with it in time, why does the cooling fan fail?
First, the design of the cooling fan:
The design of the cooling fan engineer was improper. The design did not take into account the matching of the parts, and the dynamic characteristics were poor, causing vibration or noise when the machine was running. The structure is unreasonable, the use of steel is not appropriate, resulting in stress concentration, the fuselage material is prone to cracks, the material of the parts is not good, the strength can not reach the standard, and accidents are easy to occur when used.
Second, the reason for the deterioration of the cooling fan itself:
Long-term operation of the machine causes fatigue of the shaft and other parts, causing partial damage to the rotor, and the parts are affected by the impact force to cause surface pitting and partial wear.
Third, improper operation of the cooling fan:
The process parameters of the machine are far from the design value, which often keeps the machine machine running at super-speed, overload, or low-speed, low-load operation, and can not reach the working performance of the machine; the operating point is close to or falls into the critical speed zone. The lubrication or cooling of the cooling fan is not in place; the operation in the process of starting or stopping the machine or speeding down the speed is improper, resulting in the temperature of the body not reaching, the thermal expansion is not uniform, or the temperature is overheated, causing the machine to anneal, losing the strength that should be .
Fourth, the reasons for the installation and maintenance of the cooling fan:
The cooling fan is improperly installed in the mechanical equipment, the parts are misplaced, or the shafting is poorly aligned, resulting in a large preload, improper placement of the rotor, and failure to be repaired according to regulations, so that the original coordination system of the machine is destroyed.
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