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What are the differences between the four 120*120*38 cooling fans you provide?


1. Ordinary economy type 12038;
2. It can be used as hydraulic bearing and dual ball bearing models.
3. This model is suitable for 12W energy consumption products.
4. This model is suitable for systems with low impedance and active heat dissipation.
5. The output of P&Q products is small.
6. Good comprehensive performance.
1. Special enhanced type 12038(Class 1);
2. Only made with ball bearing system;
3. This model is recommended to make energy consumption products within 30W.
4. This model is suitable for heat dissipation system with high system impedance.
5. P&Q output of the same model, superior level;
6. Excellent body strength and performance stability
7. Excellent comprehensive performance, especially suitable for bitcoin miner.
1. Enhanced type 12038(Class 2);
2. Recommended to be made with dual ball bearing system.
3. This model is recommended to make energy consumption products within 24W.
4. This model is suitable for heat dissipation system with medium and high impedance.
5. P&Q output in the same model, medium and upper level;
6. Excellent comprehensive performance;

1. General enhanced type 12038(Class 3).

2.Recommended to be made with dual ball bearing system.

3. This model is recommended to make energy consumption products within 15W.
4. This model is suitable for heat dissipation systems with medium system impedance and certain requirements.
5. P&Q output in the same model, middle and lower level;
6. Excellent comprehensive performance.
What effects the quoted price for the fan?



1 size of the fan    

4010 (40*40*10mm)

2 Voltage 


3 current  


4 speed


5 air flow


6 noise  


7 bearing type     


8 two wire or three wires   

2 wire

9 cable length   


10 connector type    

2 pin,2.5mm pitch

11 function  

FG\RD\PWM\Soft Start ......

12 quantity

1000\5000\10000  ......


Is there a minimum order quantity required?

Yes. Minimun order quantity depends on the different model size, for the micro and mini model, the MOQ is 1000 PCS, for the bigger model, depends on the model, the MOQ is 200~500 PCS.

Why do manufacturers produce on-site samples of cooling fans
Some customers who first started to use cooling fans heard from the suppliers of cooling fans that it took several days to make the samples. They felt that it would be very difficult for them to work hard. They did not leave time for the manufacturers of cooling fans at the beginning. Why?
The main reason is that the cooling fan is used as a part to supply electronic and electrical products, so each cooling fan is carefully designed and customized for customers, not just the voltage, but also the type of bearings, the speed of rotation, the length of the line, and the type of connectors, etc. When we make a single model inventory in the warehouse, when customers want to use, It's hard to match so accurately.
What kind of transportation can we choose ?
All available shipping ways could be applied, by courier, air or sea. Appointed shipping company or our own forwarders all could be used in shipment. Full-way tracking the cargos for you before the goods arrive. 
How long can your wire length be ?
The wire length and terminal could be customized as your request. We just need the picture of connector and rank of wires for confirm (Default wire length is 200mm).
What kind of function can we choose for fan?

Optional function :Auto-restart ,Speed detection, Stoppage Alarm, Waterproof, PWM function ,Temperature control etc.

If the goods I want are not exactly the same as yours, can you make some changes according to mine?
Yes, our company has the professional technical researchers, if you don't find the products you need. When the order reaches a certain amount. We can customize the DC fan with your choice.
Can I have samples for testing before placing orders? 

Yes. We suggest that our customers have some samples of their required fans for quality testing first.

What information do you need in order to get a quotation?
Generally, we need the information like company information, fan type, quantity, size, voltage , air flow to select a right or a similar fan for you and quote you.
Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
Our factory is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, about 50 minutes driving from Shenzhen Airport .Warmly welcome to visit us!
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