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What is the difference between a DC fan and an AC fan?

What is the difference between a DC fan and an AC fan?

As the market demand for fans grows, it is also used in various occasions and industries. Although DC fans and AC fans are everywhere in life, many people still have the characteristics of these fans. Not very clear, so let me introduce the difference between these fans.
First, the power supply method is different.
The DC fan operates on DC power, while the AC fan operates on AC power.
Second, the working principle is different:
The principle of the DC fan is to convert the electric energy into mechanical energy to drive the blade to rotate rapidly through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction. The coil and the IC are continuously switched, and the induction magnetic ring rotates from the driving fan blade.
The principle of the AC fan is driven by the AC power supply. The voltage will alternate between the positive and negative poles, and no circuit control is required at all, generating a magnetic field. The power frequency is fixed, and the magnetic pole change speed generated by the silicon steel sheet is determined by the power frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic field switching speed.
Third, the difference in bearings:
Generally, the types used in the dispersion of the radiator are: a sleeve bearing using sliding friction and a ball bearing using rolling friction, and a mixture of the two types of bearings. In recent years, many radiator manufacturers have introduced many new technologies in the field of bearings. For example, magnetic bearings, water bearings, magnetic core bearings, and Laifu bearings are also improved on the basic bearing. The operating principle remains unchanged. . Oil-bearing bearings and ball bearings are mainly used on ordinary air-cooled radiators. Double ball bearings are high-end products with high precision, high quality and high price. Oil-impregnated bearings can meet a variety of working conditions, and his life cycle is very long, the price is relatively low, but the quality is relatively general.
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