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What is a DC cooling fan?

What is a DC cooling fan?

    An important heat dissipation equipment of modern industrial machinery is called direct current heat dissipation fan. It has many characteristics, such as good heat dissipation effect, long service life, simple structure, convenient installation and so on, and is widely used in mechanical heat dissipation. So do you know what a DC heat dissipation fan is?
DC cooling fan is mainly composed of rotor, stator, fan blade and other auxiliary components. There should be many semiconductor components in the control circuit. Now it is included in one or more IC. Many manufacturers specially design and manufacture many models of control motor IC for fan circuit designers. Different types of IC control circuits are different, but the main purpose is to provide effective coil functions and fan-related characteristics for more effective control and protection.
The working principle of DC cooling fan: through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electric energy is converted into machinery to drive the blade to rotate. Simply speaking, it relies on the coil and IC to switch continuously, and the induction magnetic ring drives the blade to rotate.
Advantages of DC cooling fan:
1. The DC heat dissipation fan adopts the most advanced design, which has the characteristics of large air volume, low noise, long service life and corrosion resistance.
2. High-quality bearings, silicon steel sheets and enameled wires are adopted to achieve higher reliability.
The monitoring methods of DC heat dissipation fan are as follows:
There are two kinds of monitoring methods for DC cooling fan, alarm sensor and speed sensor. The alarm signal can be given when the fan speed is below a certain threshold value by using the alarm sensor, and the output of speed signal can realize the real-time monitoring of fan speed. Obviously, the larger the air volume, the higher the heat dissipation capacity of DC cooling fan. This is because the heat capacity ratio of air is certain, larger air volume, that is, more air can take more heat per unit time.
The speed signal output from the DC cooling fan circuit is usually in the form of pulse. Each wave head indicates that the fan rotates once. Such a signal can be directly provided to the host through the data bus for display. The output speed signal of some fans is not the real speed of the fans, but a multiple of the speed. For example, two, four or six pulses are generated in each turn, which must be processed to form a real speed signal reflecting the fans.
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