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What are the fan protection tests?

What are the fan protection tests?

1. Rotary lock protection
1.1 Several fan blades are fixed together to restrict their rotation. If the fan and electronic components are not damaged and the rotating components are loosened, the fan can automatically restart the rotation.
1.2 Small current or fan with Auto start function, lock the fan blade in the power-on rotating state, after 72 hours, release the locked fan blade, and the fan automatically re-rotates immediately, proving that the fan is normal.
1.3 Fans with high current or without Auto start function should not be locked for a long time, otherwise the fan will be damaged by overheating.
2. Polarity protection
Under normal voltage condition, all functions will be normal if the reverse power supply is powered on the fan for 15 minutes and the normal bipolar connection is restored after power failure.
3. Free fall
When the monomer falls from 600 mm to 30 mm thick at high altitude, any side and corner of the fan's six surfaces can withstand the drop test and confirm that there is no damage.
4. Insulation impedance
Under 500 V DC condition, the positive resistance of outer frame and conductor is not less than 10MΩ.
5. Insulation strength
It lasts 60 seconds under the condition of 5mA leakage current and AC500V. There is no abnormality between fan frame and conductor, which proves that the insulation is good.